• Project Type

    Construction Inspection & Management (NY)

  • Date


  • Location

    Portageville, New York

  • Role

    • Worksite Safety Compliance
    • Bridge Replacement Construction Inspection
    • Access Logistics
    • Documenting Bridge Elements & Structure Dimensions

Prudent Engineering provided construction inspection services for the Portageville Bridge replacement project. The structure, also known at the High Bridge, spans the Genesee River in Letchworth State Park in the Hamlet of Portageville, Town of Genesee Falls, New York. Built in 1875, this historic 820-foot steel viaduct is an important structure in the rail network connecting the west and east rail corridors. Due to various structural deficiencies, however, the existing bridge no longer meets the demands of a Class 1 Heavy Freight Railroad and must be replaced by a new structure.

Prudent Engineering’s construction inspection team was responsible for measuring and documenting bridge elements; performing on-site monitoring duties; coordinating safety, access logistics, and equipment requirements; providing oversight services for bridge construction activity; and ensuring the project is progressed according to budget and schedule.