Terry L. Mckiven

Manager of Hydrographic Services

Mr. Mckiven manages Prudent's Hydrographic Services department. A U.S. Army veteran, he has over 19 years' experience in land and hydrographic surveying and mapping. He is a U.S. Coast Guard-certified Master Captain with expertise in a range of hydrographic operations, such as single- and multi-beam bathymetric survey; sub-bottom surveying and profiling; side-scan surveying; bottom classification mapping; and endangered species studies. Mr. Mckiven has successfully completed hydrographic projects on bodies of water of varying size, from ponds to large waterways, including Raitan Bay off Staten Island, Long Island Sound, NYS Canal System, and the Hudson River. In addition to his technical skills, Mr. Mckiven is a HYPACK-certified professional with proficiency using SonarWiz 6.

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Philip A. Thayaparan, P.E.


Michael A. Venturo, L.S.

Principal, Manager of Land Survey Services

Bradley G. Pcolinsky, L.S.

Principal, Survey Coordinator